Holy Honey!

Meet the Holy Herba Trinity of CBD and Santa Yerba Honeys

Honeybees are essential to the balance of our natural environment, and they play an important role in helping us to enjoy the sweetness of honey. Without bees, we would be without one of nature’s most delicious gifts – Holy Herba Honey.  Our unique blend combines herbs –  Santa Yerba, The “Holy Herb” and Sage, which grow throughout Southern California, and right here on our farm. Our line of Santa Yerba/CBD honeys can be used to produce the natural healing, pain relieving benefits of CBD. Meet the Holy Herb trio of honeys:

Holy Herba Santa Yerba and Sage Honey – Our Original Blend with NO CBD

To create our original unique blend, the Holy Herb honeybees gather pollen from nearby fields of Santa Yerba flowers during Spring’s full bloom. This is the base of our all natural products, Santa Yerba honey without CBD.

CBD Honey  – Holy Herb’s Original Blend

Our Holy Herba honey base infused with Holy Herb’s high-quality, full spectrum CBD extracts. This combination can produce maximum health benefits and organically rich flavor results, some of the sweetest goodness available – All in our signature recipe. It’s the only homegrown CBD Honey with Santa Yerba.

CBD Honey with Comb – Holy Herba Honey with a Honeycomb in the Jar

Honeybees “ripen” gathered nectar inside their honeycombs. Once the honey is ripened, the bees use secretions to seal it into the honeycomb. This secretion is also known as “beeswax.” The bees wax contains fatty acids, good for the heart and for managing cholesterol, and the honeycomb is left rich in healthy antioxidants. Our Holy Herba CBD honey with honeycomb is has a raw sage honey comb inside of each jar. 

Want more sweetness in your life? Check out these recipe ideas for CBD honey and enjoy this Youtube video to learn more about Holy Herba Honey and our Honeybees:

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