Holy Herba CBD Honey


The only CBD Honey infused with Santa Yerba and Sage, 12 oz. jar of our signature recipe known as the Heavenly Blend.

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CBD Honey infused with Santa Yerba and Sage

Holy Herba Honey is a unique blend of herbs – Santa Yerba, The “Holy Herb” and Sage, which grow throughout Southern California. For thousands of years, these herbs were used by Native Americans for the same reasons people use cannabis today and the vast healing properties it provides. The natives would smoke the herb, make lotions from it, and put it in their tea.

This 12 oz. jar of our signature CBD honey known as the ‘Heavenly Blend’ can be used the same way. Simply stir the honey with CBD into your favorite tea or coffee, or spread it onto a biscuit or toast. Honey can be used in baking and goes well with many edible foods. The possibilities are endless!

To produce our unique Holy Herba Honey, the Holy Herb bees gather pollen from nearby fields of Santa Yerba flowers during Spring’s full bloom. This Santa Yerba derived honey is then infused with our high-quality, full spectrum hemp extracts, producing maximum health benefits and organically rich flavor results, the most heavenly CBD honey available here on earth.

85mg High Grade CBD (Hemp)
Our unique blend – Santa Yerba and Sage infused CBD honey
Home Grown! Made in the USA
Packaged in an FDA approved facility
Non GMO | Gluten free
Produced using premium quality ingredients
Lab tested by an independent third party
Federally legal in all 50 states

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